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Lucid was born in a small Adirondack town called Plattsburgh: a place every band should be so lucky to call home. The locals there love live music, and give it their unrelenting support, while several colleges in the area provide a constant stream of new listeners eager to participate in the party. The town is flooded with musicians in one of the tightest and largest (per capita) music scenes in any city in America. On a given Friday night one can walk out of a bar where pulsing mambo beats drive the audience from their seats, into another where a frenzied crowd thrashes to raging death metal, into another where a cover band plays 80s favorites, and likely you will be followed by one or more of these musicians as they hop from band to band to play with their friends for a song or two. It is in this diverse and supportive environment that Lucid grew into adulthood.

The central core of Lucid has been evolving together for nearly a decade, with just a few line-up changes, the most recent being the re-joining of their original drummer and founding member Ryan "Rippy" Trumbull. Ryan, Lowell Wurster (percussion, harp and vocals), Kevin Sabourin (guitar and vocals), Jamie Armstrong (saxophones, clarinet and vocals), Chris Shacklett (bass, trombone and vocals), and Andrew Dellar (keyboards, accordion and vocals) are Lucid...Are You?


Lucid released their debut album MILES DEEP in early 2005 to some regional acclaim. Still a young band, they set their tone early on: hard rock originals with a hip hop flavor, and the freedom to move around from one genre to another. Funk, rap, reggae, blues, and even country can all be heard from the first track "Styles of the Smooth" through the much-loved "Backwoods" and "Countryesque" and on through the Pink Floyd inspired closing track "Jamun B". These songs all have a timeless quality that leaves them relevant and enjoyable still today.

Their decision to go with Chuck Eller Studios in Vermont for this first release paid off handsomely. The production reflects the outstanding professionalism of the studio where bands like The Allman Brothers, Phish, and Oysterhead had recorded previously. This also proved to be a great learning experience for Lucid - so much so that they decided they would take on recording themselves when it came time to do their second album.

DEWDMANWAH was released to a collective sigh of relief in 2009. By this time fans were clamoring for another studio album, and they were not dissapointed.

Literally recorded in a basement with local friend and producer Benn Rymon Erb, the album takes the early ideas of Miles Deep and expands upon them, while delivering them in a much more raw-sounding package. Some tracks, like the ballad "Bad Habit," carry over a sense that this is the same band who gave you their first album, but the growth of the band is evident everywhere from the first track "Pushin'" which sounds like it could have lept off of an L.P. from the 70s, to the last track, a driving frolic called "Spliff Blues."

Benn not only co-engineered the album with Lucid, but single-handedly designed the album's distinctive art work and layout.

Lucid took to the basement yet again, this time with their own Jamie Armstrong meticulously engineering the third studio album, HOME IS WHERE WE WANNA GROW (June 2013). Kevin Sabourin, one of the band's founders, created the melodies and wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the album, which showcase a profound shift in his lyrical prowess. Each of the guys brings a dynamic aspect into the creative process and together, in true Lucid fashion, they have produced a multifarious listening experience that explores multiple genres and moods.

Heavily influenced by a relationship that the band has built with some local, organic farmers at Fledging Crow Vegetables, the album delivers ideals about community, life and love and brings to light the moxie of the human spirit. From the feel-good delivery of community values that inspired the album title in "Ground on Up" to the hard hitting and energetic "Boats", the soul felt ballad "Purple Moon" to the powerful and aggressive "Came and Went", the twelve tracks are packed full of energy and sound with diverse instrumentals and stylistic transitions.

Additional recording and mixing was done by Lawrence Dolan at Irish Mason Hops Farm and the album was mastered by grammy winning Adrien Carr at AC Mastering Studio. Gabriel Leavitt created the captivating artwork that really provides a visual of some of the elements that inspired the album.

In the spring of 2015, Lucid released their fourth studio album, entitled "Dirt." Pushing into their 12th year together, the group's release is represents the ensemble's mission as renegades of the open road, whose day-in-day-out work ethic, onstage and off, epitomizes what the cost and reward is when pursuing your passions and dreams with a reckless abandon, with a battle cry that echoes "no rest for the weary, for when you sit, you sit on the sidelines of your destiny.

In April of 2016, Lucid released their fifth studio album entitled "Bonsai Zen." The 12 song disc was released at their April 16th (2016) show at the historic Strand Theater in Plattsburgh, NY and preceded a year long hiatus from touring. The album has since been re-mixed and remastered and was re-released in February of 2017 when Lucid took to the stage again for the first time in nearly a year at the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival. The CD has yet to be released digitally but physical hard copy discs can be purchased at any live Lucid performance.

**The first four studio albums are available online on iTunes and Spotify.**


Honing their three p's (performance, production, and partying) over their seven years in the North Country, Lucid has become that total package: a band that can fit onto a postage stamp for an acoustic show; a band that can throw down in a backwoods bar for six hours; a band that can fill a hall or pack a field; and a band that knows how to work with a stage crew because they have the know-how and equipment to fully produce most events themselves.

Lucid is not afraid to roll up their sleaves and take on the entire production for an evening. They'll roll into your town, set up their full P.A. and lights, play the entire evening, then pack it all up again, and head on to the next gig. Over the years they have smartly reinvested in the band, making their P.A. state-of-the-art, and their light show fully adaptable to any situation. With their state-of-the-art equipment, they routinely make multi-track recordings of each live performance.

Lucid is also perfectly capable of fitting into a single quick set in a venue rapidly moving bands through an evening. They know how to backline their gear, set up, sound check, and break down in minimal time to make room for other bands in a tight line-up.


Since 2007, Lucid has hosted Backwoods Pondfest - a two-day music festival at Twin Ponds Resort Campsite in Peru, NY with KALI Productions, and Chris Boire, owner of Boire Design, Inc.. This has given Lucid the opportunity to play alongside such renowned acts as Chali 2na, Break Science, Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk, Bernie Worrell, Particle and more. Additionally, Lucid gets to share their stage with local and regional favorites like Sophistafunk, Mister F, Blind Owl Band, Spiritual Rez and Twiddle.

Since Backwoods Pondfest started, Lucid has made it tradition to play both nights - an early slot Friday evening, and the closing slot late Saturday night. However, being the host band at Backwoods Pondfest, Lucid doesn't just perform; they participate in every aspect of production from the planning during the months leading up to it, to the clean up for weeks afterwards. From hiring stage and security crew, preparing the campground, building stages, participating in production, and managing staff - a member of Lucid is there. This experience has groomed them to be an ideal festival band, and their past two summer festival tours have proved it. This year's festival tour is looking even more promising.

The Future

As of April 2016, Lucid has taken a step back from the busy touring schedule that they knew for 13 years. They continue to play occasional local shows around their upstate NY home and have recently reunited with their original drummer Ryan "Rippy" Trumbull. You can catch Lucid next on August 31-September 1st at the Adirondack Independence Music Festival in Lake George, NY. The event will feature Regional and Backwoods favorites Lucid, Pink Talking Fish, Gubbulidis and Frends ft. members of Twiddle, Kung Fu, Capital Zen, Annie in the Water and many more. Tickets and info can be found at